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Concierge Medicine

Do you want to manage your health care proactively through wellness and prevention? Are you tired of waiting hours to see a doctor for only a few minutes? Would you like the convenience of same or next day appointments? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then concierge medicine may be right for you.

For patients who are interested in a greater focus on healthy living and prevention, and for those who would like to spend more time with their doctor, Dr. Charles Miranda offers an exclusive concierge medical program featuring personalized preventive health care and disease management services. When you do get sick, having a personal primary care physician who knows your health history inside and out is not only reassuring, but fundamentally important during times of illness.

Caring for a smaller number of patients allows us to spend more time with you, pursue your medical issues in more depth, and practice prevention. It provides us the time to coordinate your care in the hospital and with specialists. You can be assured of same or next day appointments that generally start on time and are not rushed. This old fashioned style of practice provides us the opportunity to place the focus back on the patient-doctor relationship. Perhaps more importantly during these times of healthcare uncertainty, our program offers reassurance and peace of mind that when you need us we will be available and accessible to care for you.

At South Denver Internal Medicine membership in our concierge care program includes:

  • Preventive Health Program
  • Longer, unhurried office visits so we can address all of your needs
  • Same-day or next-day appointments
  • Appointments that generally begin on time  
  • Availability 24/7 by personal cell phone
  • Physician-to-physician coordination of your specialty referrals
  • Physician-to-physician coordination of your hospital care
  • Coordination of your health care when you are traveling

Dedicated Time for the Patient

Every year, the pressure to see more patients increases leaving both doctors and patients dissatisfied. Future changes in healthcare will likely make matters worse. Dr. Miranda has chosen a different path for his patients. His smaller concierge practice allows him the extra time needed to provide his patients with a level of attention and service that he believes is important. There is more time for personalized medical care, advice, advocacy, and emotional support. You will not feel rushed or hurried and all of your medical concerns and needs will be addressed. 

Enhanced Doctor Availability

Patients in the program receive same-day or next-day appointments. You will see the doctor and not just his assistant when you come in for your appointments. There will be little to no wait time as appointments will begin on time. Your physical exam will be scheduled for 60-90 minutes and your follow up visits will be scheduled for 30 minutes or longer if needed. As a concierge member, you will have access to a private dedicated phone line in the office, as well as the doctor’s personal cell phone number for after-hours medical needs. Patients will also be able to contact us securely via email for non-urgent concerns. 

Personalized Heath Care Services

We recognize that no two patients are alike. We take into account each patient’s unique circumstances and allow that to serve as a guide when decisions are made regarding the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

The concierge program enables us to provide care that is convenient and comforting. We recognize that the current healthcare environment is complex and at times difficult to navigate. Our dedicated office staff is focused on service to facilitate your care. 

Preventive Health Program

Full members of our concierge medical program receive an annual comprehensive preventive health examination that is designed to create a unique wellness plan for each patient as well as detect and treat disease in its earliest stages before major problems develop. The examination includes several elements that go beyond the scope of a regular traditional insurance physical. These elements include an assessment or evaluation of your metabolic rate, fitness level, nutrition, emotional health, sleep, vision, hearing, heart and lung function, use of vitamins and supplements, cancer screening, vaccinations and comprehensive analysis of your blood. 

Make Your Health Top Priority

What do you most love to do? Travel?  Spend time with your children or grandchildren? Play golf or ski?  Without good health, energy, and peace of mind, it is impossible to truly enjoy all the activities that you love. Your health is the most important asset you have. Make an investment in your health today.

Limited space is available for new patients, so if you are interested in joining South Denver Internal Medicine’s Concierge Medical Program, please call our office at (303) 799-8890 to schedule an appointment and meet Dr. Miranda.