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Coronavirus-19 Vaccine Information

Dear Patients,

Happy New Year!

I have been waiting to send this email in hopes of providing you more information and guidance from the State regarding vaccine distribution and availability. Unfortunately many questions remain unanswered. Despite that I felt it was important to send this to you now without further delay.

Vaccine distribution and administration

Anytime that you allow the government to take over something that the private sector has done well for years expect delays and confusion. Our state public health departments are short staffed and not well funded to carry out the complexities of managing a pandemic as well as a mass vaccination program. I know that the staff at the various health departments are doing the best they can with limited resources and guidance.

In the private sector, we already do mass influenza vaccinations in this country every year. Physician offices and pharmacies obtain vaccines directly from manufacturers and medical supply companies. Vaccines are then administered to patients in a timely manner. Physicians and pharmacists are then tasked with administering the correct vaccine based on an individual patient’s need.

Politicians and bureaucrats decided to take the lead on rolling out the Coronavirus-19 vaccines. Physicians and pharmacists have been kept on the sidelines and in many cases in the dark. It has been messy as expected and therefore fewer patients have been vaccinated than originally predicted. I do not know when and if the process will improve.

If you receive notice from UC Health, a pharmacy, a hospital or any other healthcare entity that you are eligible to receive a vaccine please sign up and receive the vaccine. Notify our office that you have received the vaccine and provide us the date of your second shot. I recommend that you contact your pharmacy for information regarding their vaccination plans. It is likely that vaccines will be delivered first to large health care organizations who can administer vaccines to large numbers of patients before private physician offices receive an allotment.

  1. UC Health has begun to vaccinate phase 1B patients. Further information regarding the UC Health Coronavirus-19 vaccination program can be found at COVID-19 Vaccine | Vaccine Safety, Distribution & FAQs | UCHealth
  2. Safeway pharmacies are offering the vaccine at select locations. You can sign up to receive updates and schedule an online appointment at https://www.safeway.com/pharmacy/covid-19.html
  3. For more information on how, where, and when to access the vaccine call the Colorado Public Health Information Line at 303-389-1687.

I share the above with you to ask for your patience and please recognize that our practice is doing everything we can to secure vaccines for our patients. This is the first time in my career that I have felt no control in trying to secure something potentially life-saving on behalf of my patients. We have applied with the State to be a COVID-19 vaccine provider and await their approval. We will not be able to administer the Pfizer vaccine due to the storage requirements. Lastly, should we receive vaccine from the State we will notify all eligible patients as soon as possible to set up your vaccine appointment. I will continue to provide periodic updates as new information becomes available.


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