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Executive Health Program

South Denver Internal Medicine Executive Health Program 

The Executive Health Program at South Denver Internal Medicine is separate from our concierge care program. It is designed for individuals who currently have their own doctor but desire a more detailed preventive health examination. The Executive Health Program is geared for corporate executives, business owners, working parents or any active individual whose time is at a premium. This comprehensive examination requires just 3 to 4 hours of your time. The goal of our custom-designed Executive Health Program is to create a unique wellness plan for each individual, identify medical risk factors, and discover potential health problems. You will receive a comprehensive written report regarding your current health status detailing the steps you need to take to improve your health and wellness. This report can be shared with your doctor.

What to Expect

Your appointment will be on two separate days. Plan on being in the office for 60 to 90 minutes each day.

At the first appointment, we will perform your physical examination, blood work, and testing. Please arrive at the office after fasting for at least 8 hours, drink plenty of water only (no coffee), and wear comfortable clothing for your exercise testing. Please bring your completed annual health questionnaire.

The second appointment will be with Dr. Miranda for a comprehensive review of all test results. An assessment of your overall health and recommendations will be provided.

The Executive Health Program includes the following:

Medical History and Physical Examination

  • A detailed medical and surgical history
  • Review of medications and supplements
  • Review of drug and food allergies
  • Review of family medical history
  • Review of risk factors for disease
  • Review of current symptoms
  • Measurement of vital signs including height, weight, body mass index, heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen level.
  • Physical examination
  • Prostate examination for men and if indicated a pelvic examination with Pap test for women
  • Assessment of overall health

Comprehensive Laboratory Tests

  • Complete blood count (immune system assessment, anemia evaluation and blood clotting assessment)
  • Complete metabolic panel (blood sugar, kidney function, electrolytes, protein and liver function)
  • Cholesterol profile including triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol, and LDL-cholesterol
  • Urinalysis (assessment for bladder and kidney disorders)
  • PSA (prostate-specific antigen is a blood test for at-risk males to detect levels of this potential prostate cancer marker)
  • Testosterone 
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone (screening of thyroid function)
  • Hemoglobin A1C (blood glucose test that measures risk of diabetes)
  • C- Reactive Protein (inflammation marker)
  • Iron 
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Magnesium 

Weight, Fitness and Stress Evaluation

  • Total body composition analysis (Inbody Testing)
  • Resting metabolic rate assessment to identify your unique target caloric zones for weight loss or maintenance.
  • Nutritional consultation and assessment with our metabolic specialist evaluating the role that diet can play in your optimal health and well being as well as in disease prevention.
  • Exercise fitness level testing (VO2 testing) identifying your current level of fitness as well as your unique exercise target heart rate zones. The goal is to design a specific fitness plan for you with the expertise of our metabolic specialist.
  • Emotional health assessment screening for common emotional health disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Sleep Evaluation

  • Detailed evaluation of sleep initiation, quality and time
  • Evaluation of common sleep disorders
  • Referral for a home or facility sleep study if indicated (the fee for this test is not included in the standard examination)

Heart and Lung Health Evaluation

  • Resting electrocardiogram (ECG) is a recording of electrical activity within the heart. ECG abnormalities may indicate potential heart problems that are treatable when detected early.
  • A BpTru™ blood pressure reading is a series of automatic readings that provide a more accurate blood pressure measurement.
  • Calcium Heart Score is a computer assisted tomography (CAT) scan of the heart to screen for unrecognized coronary artery disease in high risk patients. 
  • Spirometry is a test for lung or breathing function that helps detect asthma, emphysema and other lung disorders.

Cancer Screenings

  • Identify individual risk factors for cancer
  • Recommend, perform or refer for screening tests if indicated
  • Review cancer prevention


  • Adult vaccinations are reviewed and recommended
  • Vaccinations can be administered if needed (the fee for vaccination is not included in the standard examination)


  • Complete written report of all of your results
  • Laboratory test reference
  • Metabolic rate and exercise testing reference
  • Preventive health resource
  • Download Sample Report

Auditory Health Evaluation


  • Audiogram is an evaluation of your hearing. Recommendations for hearing preservation or hearing amplification may follow if indicated.

What do you most love to do? Travel? Spend time with your children or grandchildren? Play golf or ski? Without good health, energy and peace of mind, you can’t truly enjoy all of the activities that you love. Your health is the most important investment you have. It is important to make time to care for yourself. Learn more about our Executive Health Program at South Denver Internal Medicine by calling (303) 799-8890.