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Metabolic, VO2 Max and Inbody Testing are offered exclusively in our Executive Health and Preventive Health Programs at South Denver Internal Medicine


Metabolic Rate Testing

Metabolic Rate Testing

Knowing your individual metabolic rate and fitness level is the basis of a successful weight loss program. Your resting metabolic rate is the amount of calories burned per day at rest. It is used to determine the appropriate caloric intake to achieve your weight loss goals.

Most people who struggle with weight loss believe they have a slow metabolism. Patients frequently complain that they can’t lose weight despite barely eating anything. Your metabolic rate may decrease if your daily caloric intake is too low and have a sedentary lifestyle. Medical illness or disease and certain medications can also cause your metabolism to slow down. You can increase your metabolic rate by exercising, treating the illness or disease, and increasing muscle mass through strength or resistance training. As you become more active and improve your nutrition, you will be able to track your metabolic rate and exercise fitness testing results and see quantifiable improvement over time.

Download sample metabolic rate testing report

VO2 Max Test

Metabolic Rate Testing

VO2 max is the best test to measure your cardiovascular fitness, and aerobic endurance. The test measures the rate of oxygen consumed while exercising. The patient wears a mask to collect all of the air he or she breathes in and out, and the analyzer measures the volume of exhaled air and the concentration of oxygen in the exhaled air. As exercise intensity increases, the patient’s oxygen consumption also increases, but only to a certain point. After about 10-15 minutes, the test records the point where oxygen consumption no longer increases with increasing exercise intensity. This is your V02 max.

Download sample VO2 max testing report


InBody Testing

Metabolic Rate Testing

Inbody is a body composition analyzer that provide you with a total breakdown of the percentages of fat, muscle and water in your body.  Segmental lean analysis shows muscle adequacy of each segment of the body separately.  It also measures the visceral fat level which indicates intestinal obesity causing many lifestyle diseases.   Your report details your body composition, as well as how much weight you can expect to lose depending on the plan that is customized for you.

Download sample InBody testing report

Metabolic, VO2, and body composition testing can be a source of motivation for losing weight, as you not only begin to feel better and shed pounds or inches with exercise, but you will also see your metabolism and exercise fitness levels improve.

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